Blue egg swim Uster

Blue egg swim Uster

Apr 01, 2024
Strandbad Uster, Uferweg 7, 8610
Canton Zurich

Celebrate the Easter holidays and welcome spring at the same time with the Blue Egg Swim in Uster. Take part in this event by diving into the cold water of Lake Greifensee to collect a blue egg!

Blue egg swim every Easter Monday

Every year on Easter Monday, hundreds of brave souls take a cold plunge into Lake Greifensee in Canton Zurich. This Swiss Easter tradition sees participants swimming 20 metres through chilly water of about 5-13 degrees celsius to a diving platform where they retrieve a blue egg and then swim with their blue prize back to shore.

Once swimmers make it out of the lake with their blue egg intact, they can warm up with delicious Easter-themed foods: a nice bowl of warm egg soup, eggnog and egg wraps. Participants even get to take their rescued blue egg home with them!

Sequence of events

Registrations to take part in the Blue Egg Swim open at 12pm on the day of the swim. After swimmers have signed up for free, there is a welcome speech at 2pm before the swim starts at 2.15pm. Once everyone has finished collecting their blue eggs, they can enjoy egg-citing Easter activities and eat tasty food until around 5pm. 

Join in on a refreshing swim this Easter!

What could be better during Easter than having some fun with the family and enjoying a tasty serving of egg-cellent food? To find out more information about the event, visit the official Blue Egg Swim website.