Bern Wine Fair

Bern Wine Fair

Oct 14, 2022Oct 23, 2022
BERNEXPO AG, Hall 4 Mingerstrasse 6, 3014 Bern
25 Swiss Francs

This October, taste and enjoy the finest of wines at the legendary Bern Wine Fair. Visit the de-facto capital of Switzerland for 10 spectacular days of various wines, beers, spirits and food delicacies.

Try some of the finest wines at Bern Wine Fair

The famous fair hosts over 60 exhibitors and partners and attracts over 9.000 visitors in 10 days. Along with a plethora of incredible wines to taste and enjoy, the wine fair offers an abundance of traditional Swiss and international delicacies, along with beer and spirits.


Photo: courtesy of the Bern Wine Fair 

Opening hours of the Bern Wine Fair

Here are the hours for the Bern Wine Fair:

Wine stands

The stands have an incredible array of artisanal wines for visitors to try. The following are the timings of the wine stands:

  • Friday, October 14: 5-10pm
  • Saturday, October 15: 4-10pm
  • Sunday, October 16: 2-6pm
  • Monday, October 17: 4-9pm
  • Tuesday, October 18: 5-10pm
  • Wednesday, October 19: 5-10pm
  • Thursday, October 20: 5-10pm
  • Friday, October 21: 5-10pm
  • Saturday, October 22: 4-10pm
  • Sunday, October 23: 2-6pm


Photo: courtesy of the Bern Wine Fair 


The marketplace will be open for food and small bites to complement the wine, and the following are the timings for the marketplace stands: 

  • Friday, October 14: 5-11pm
  • Saturday, October 15: 4-11pm
  • Sunday, October 16: 2-6pm
  • Monday, October 17: 4-10pm
  • Tuesday, October 18: 5-11pm
  • Wednesday, October 19: 5-11pm
  • Thursday, October 20: 5-11pm
  • Friday, October 21: 5-11pm
  • Saturday, October 22: 4-11pm
  • Sunday, October 23: 2-6pm


Photo: courtesy of the Bern Wine Fair 

Visiting the Bern Wine Fair

Excited to attend this amazing wine fair for a marvellous 10 days of decadent wine and food? Head over to the official Bern Wine Fair website for more information on the exhibitors, accommodation, and how to access the venue via public transportation.