Bern Carnival

Bern Carnival

Feb 15, 2024Feb 17, 2024

From February 15 to 17, Bern celebrates the end of winter during the third-largest carnival in Switzerland. Join in on Bern Fasnacht as the de-facto Swiss capital becomes loud, colourful and merry!

Bern Fasnacht celebrations

The Bern carnival actually kicks off at 11.11am on November 11 when the city’s carnival "bear" is locked up in the prison tower. Months later is when the real party begins - on the Thursday after Ash Wednesday, which in 2024 is February 15, the bear is awakened and released from its hibernation. This marks the beginning of carnival festivities including food, drink and music on the Münsterplatz Square.

It can’t be a carnival without the off-key Guggenmusik that accompanies most carnivals in Switzerland, which occurs across all three days of the festival. Friday is when the kids have their fun during the children’s parade, which has a different theme every year. 

Bern has its own unique celebrations with a witches’ carnival, a poetic carnival, as well as a silent carnival where humorous Schnitzelbank verses are recited. To round off this entertaining programme with a big roar, there is a monster concert on Parliament Square!


Enjoy the festivities of the Bern Carnival

Get your costumes ready for a crazy weekend! Check the official Bern city website for more information about all the carnival events in the area.

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