Autonassa open-air car exhibition

Autonassa open-air car exhibition

Sep 02, 2021Sep 05, 2021
Via Nassa

Autonassa is an annual open-air car exhibition in Lugano. Whether you're living locally or coming from out of town, you're in for a treat. Take time to stroll amongst the cars on display and contemplate the car of your dreams! What are you waiting for - it's free!

Autonassa open-air car exhibition in Lugano's main street

If you're familiar with the city of Lugano in the Italian-speaking Canton Ticino, you'll be pleased that Autonassa takes place on the most well-known, historic street in the city, a stone's throw from the spectacular lake. In fact, the event is named after the famous street in which it takes place - Via Nassa. 

A street that usually welcomes shoppers and market stalls is a car lover's paradise for the duration of Autonassa! Via Nassa is a 270-metre-long historic street in downtown Lugano, featuring covered arcades with centuries-old porticoes with stone arches. There, you can typically find high-quality department stores, boutiques, banks and antiquarian bookshops.

Autonassa and Nassa Boat Show

In 2021, it takes place for the 40th time! This year, Autonassa takes place at the same time as Nassa Boat Show. This coming together of the two shows has never happened before - it took the COVID-19 pandemic to make it happen, so it’s bound to be a memorable edition of this well-loved event. 

Attending Autonassa

For anyone coming from other Swiss cities, it's great to know that Lugano is easy to reach by public transportation. There are trains, buses and even boats connecting Lugano to other towns, cities and villages. If you're driving, take the A2 motorway, which connects Italy to Switzerland.

Autonassa is organised by the Swiss Professional Car Union and the Via Nassa Association, in collaboration with the City of Lugano. Check out the Autonassa website for more information.