Athletissima Lausanne

Athletissima Lausanne

Aug 26, 2022
Pontaise Stadium, Rte des Plaines-du-Loup 7, 1018

Athletissima Lausanne is an annual international athletics event in Lausanne.

Athletissima Lausanne - one of the Diamond League events

Since 2010, Athletissima has been part of the very prestigious Diamond League. The other 2022 Diamond League events take place in Birmingham, Doha, Rome, Oslo, Stockholm, Silesia, Monaco, London, Shanghai, Shenzen, Eugene, Paris, Brussels, Rabat and Zurich.

The very first edition of Athletissima Lausanne took place in 1977 at the Stade Pierre de Coubertin. In the intervening years, it moved to the Stade olympique de la Pontaise.

Not only is Athletissima Lausanne a world-class athletics meeting, but it also fosters development in athletics for up-and-coming athletes, with training sessions for youths and kids in the run-up to the main competition day, from Canton Vaud and beyond.

Athletissima Lausanne timetable

Here's an overview of the schedule:

  • 4.30pm: Opening of the partner village
  • 5.30pm: Stadium opening
  • 6pm: Start of the national meeting
  • 7:30pm: Presentation of the champions
  • 7:45pm: Start of the international meeting
  • 10pm: End of the meeting, followed by the final show

The competitions include the following, with separate events each for men and women: 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500, 100m Hurdles, 400m Hurdles, 3.000m Steeple, Pole Vault, High Jump, Triple Jump, Discus and Javelin Throw.

Getting to Athletissima Lausanne

The stadium can be reached by taking bus 1 and bus 21. An Athletissima ticket grants access to the Lausanne public transportation network for the duration of the games.

Watch Athletissima Lausanne 2022

Buy your tickets on the Athletissima Lausanne website. There are special family rates. If the event is cancelled as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, ticket holders can get their money back.