Altdorf Folk Music Festival

Altdorf Folk Music Festival

May 20, 2022May 22, 2022
Tickets starting from 20 Swiss Francs

Visit the Altdorf Folk Music Festival this May 20-22 in Altdorf, a historic Swiss town, and explore the thriving folk music scene in Switzerland.

Experience folk music

Folk music is an interesting and influential part of Swiss culture, to the point that it is now difficult to decisively say where folk music ends and popular music begins. Folk music unites various regions of Switzerland, integrating folk singers from Ticino, choirs from Western Switzerland, and songwriters from Bern. Additionally, the music has German, Italian, French, and Romansh dialects and melodies embedded into it, making the art a cultural phenomenon.

The Altdorf Music Festival will have two concert stages that will be playing incredible folk music for visitors from all around the world to enjoy. Additionally, the music that will be performed will not be limited to Swiss folk music but will include guest acts from around the world.

The marquee restaurant will be open all three days for scrumptious Swiss food and delicacies, and at night, the venue will include a dance floor for everyone to enjoy well into the night.


The programme for the 2022 festival is as follows:

Friday May 20:

  • Warm Up Session
  • Preheat: Upwind!
  • Opening Concert: The Instrumental Unterwaldner Folk Musiclandscape
  • Aperitif for Sponsors and Guests
  • Marquee Dance Night: Central Switzerland and South Tirol
  • Gläuffig

Saturday May 21:

  • Lenglerkapellä
  • Giangol
  • SÖCK
  • Kapelle Alder
  • Cantus Firmus Surselva & Curdin und Domenic Janett
  • RSGM - Res Schmid - Gebr. Marti
  • Bürgler Gisler-Hess
  • Damenwahl!
  • Follaton
  • Swiss Ländler Gamblers
  • Hanneli-Musig
  • Tschejefem
  • BüchelBox
  • Dance Night: Echo vom Gätterli
  • Simone Felbers iheimisch

Sunday May 22:

  • Peter Gisler Trio
  • Kapelle Fuchs-Bissig
  • Blaskapelle Schattdorfer Nachtbüäbä
  • Schäbyschigg

Attend the Altdorf Folk Music Festival 

Excited to experience proper Swiss folk music? Head over to the official website for more information on the programme, tickets, and public transportation.