Aargau Carrot Market

Aargau Carrot Market

Nov 01, 2023
Old city centre,

On the first Wednesday of November each year, the old city centre of Aarau, in Canton Aargau, dedicates itself to the humble carrot.

Come and enjoy one of nature’s delicious wonders at the Aargau Carrot Market (Aargauer Rüeblimärt), where you can stroll amongst 120 stalls that offer carrots and carrot-based culinary treats, with eye-catching arrangements of the earthy and tasty vegetable. 

A whole day dedicated to carrots

Witness carrots as you’ve never seen them before - carrot bouquets, carrot mosaics and artistically woven carrot sculptures, accompanied by other seasonal vegetables. With the different coloured variety of carrots, from typical orange, to pale yellow to deep purple, you may find that it’s as much a visual spectacle as it is a treat for the tastebuds! 

Stock up on fresh carrots, and meanwhile, try out some delicious carrot-based concoctions, like carrot cake, carrot soup and carrot bratwurst. There are also staple products made from carrots, like breads and jams.

A variety of events and activities dedicated to the abundance of carrots add even more flavour to the market. Concerts, yodelling choirs, folk music and dancing all create an atmosphere to enjoy munching on some tasty carrot treats. There are also workshops and guided tours available to provide a cultural experience with your carrot enjoyment.

The Aarau Carrot Market has been running since the early 1980s. In a typical year, it attracts between 30.000 and 40.000 visitors from near and far. The festival kicks off at the remarkably early hour of 7.30am, so maybe if you're living and working locally, if you’re inspired, you can catch a taste of the festival before work!

Plan your visit to Aargau Carrot Market

Aargau Carrot Market takes place in the old city centre of Aarau. If you're coming from another Swiss city, visiting the market may also be an ideal occasion to explore some nearby castles, heritage sites and monuments in historic Aarau.

If you’re interested in attending more harvest-related events like Aargau Carrot Market this November, you might enjoy Zibelemärit Onion Market Bern, an iconic folk festival centred around the onion harvest.