Apartment in Mägenwil, Bahnhofstrasse

CHF 6000 per

Surface: 180 m2
Bedrooms: 6
Interior: Yes
Available From: 11 August 2021
Offered by Housing Anywhere
Bahnhofstrasse, 5506
Preferred tenant: 
No preference
Not allowed


The house is located 50 meters from Maegenwil railway station from which 2 trains depart every hour to Zurich during the day.
In addition to the 6 main bedrooms the house has 1 cellar room converted to a bedroom and 1 office room attached to the garage is also converted to a bedroom - so in effect the house has 8 bedrooms. The basement has 2 washing machines and 2 dryers. The house property includes parking for 4 or 5 cars (depending on their size).

Several companies from Central and Eastern Europe (recently from Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine amongst others) with projects in Switzerland have used this property for housing their workers and officials. References available on request.
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