Where are rental costs highest (and lowest) in Switzerland?

Where are rental costs highest (and lowest) in Switzerland?

A new study from the Federal Statistical Office (FSO) has revealed which Swiss cantons have the cheapest and most expensive homes to rent. According to the data, the tennants of one region of Switzerland have to pay nearly 400 francs more a month than the national average.

Only 36 percent of Swiss households own property

According to the latest data, in 2022 1,4 million households in Switzerland owned property, compared to 2,4 million that rent. This means that only 36 percent of the Swiss population own their own home, amounting to one of the lowest home ownership rates in Europe.

Ownership rates were lowest in Canton Basel-Stadt, where only 15,5 percent of households own property. Rates were also low in Geneva (18,9), Zurich (26,8) and Vaud (30,1), while the highest home ownership rate was recorded in Canton Valais at 53,8 percent.

Cheapest place to rent a home in Switzerland is Canton Jura

In 2022, average rental costs in Switzerland stood at 1.412 francs a month, a 1,3 percent increase compared to 2021. However, with rental costs rising multiple times across 2023, this average will likely rise once the data from last year is collected.

The study found that the cheapest place to rent an apartment in Switzerland is Canton Jura. There, average rental costs totalled 961 francs a month in 2022, more than 400 francs a month less than the national average. The youngest Swiss canton was followed by Neuchâtel (1.506), Valais (1.177), Ticino (1.211) and Glarus (1.215) in the bottom four.

Which Swiss canton has the most expensive rental homes?

In the study, Canton Zug was rated as the most expensive place to rent a house or apartment in Switzerland. There, average monthly rental costs stood at 1.850 francs a month in 2022, 900 francs a month more than Jura, 290 francs more than Zurich in second place and 400 francs more than the Swiss national average.

Zug’s position at the top of the ranking is perhaps not a surprise, given that the city and surrounding area are often rated as the best and most expensive places to live in Switzerland, with Comparis once finding that the cost of a 4,5-room apartment in Zug itself now costs between 2.900 and 9.900 francs a month. In fact, in September, the ongoing shortage of affordable housing led lawmakers to debate a motion that would have restricted affordable housing access to locals and Swiss citizens.

The podium was completed by Canton Schywz with average rental costs of 1.593 francs a month. In all, seven Swiss cantons were rated as having housing costs higher than the national average.

Most expensive places to rent a home in Switzerland

Here are 10 Swiss cantons with the highest rental costs:

  1. Zug (1.850)
  2. Zurich (1.654)
  3. Schwyz (1.616)
  4. Geneva (1.504)
  5. Nidwalden (1.495)
  6. Basel-Land (1.468)
  7. Vaud (1.416)
  8. Aargau (1.415)
  9. Lucerne (1.411)
  10. Basel-Stadt (1.379)

By contrast, here are the cantons with the lowest average rents in Switzerland:

  1. Jura (986)
  2. Neuchâtel (1.056)
  3. Valais (1.177)
  4. Ticino (1.211)
  5. Glarus (1.215)
  6. Solothurn (1.221)
  7. Uri (1.222)
  8. Appenzell Ausserrhoden (1.236)
  9. Schaffhausen (1.242)
  10. Bern (1.259)

For more information, check out the official FSO data.

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