Study: Immigrants face higher rent charges than those born in Switzerland

Study: Immigrants face higher rent charges than those born in Switzerland

Internationals living in Switzerland are financially worse off than those of Swiss heritage, and pay on average 10 percent more in rental fees than their counterparts with Swiss ancestors.

The data shows that 20 percent of those with a non-Swiss background struggle financially

The data, which was published by the Swiss Federal Statistical Office (FSO), showed that 20 percent of internationals living in Switzerland struggle to make ends meat, compared with only seven percent of ‘native Swiss’. 

Switzerland is known to be an expensive place to live, and it can be difficult for newcomers to find a job. Other factors that affected the financial situation of those living in Switzerland included age and level of education

Though 20 percent of internationals in Switzerland struggle financially, the figures drop to around 11% when considering expats with post-secondary qualifications.

Switzerland can be a tough place for newcomers 

Not only is Switzerland pricey for many newcomers, but it can also be difficult for internationals to find housing without social connections and job certainty. 

Life can be particularly tough for refugees and asylum seekers, many of whom come to Switzerland from difficult circumstances in Afghanistan, Eritrea and Turkey and receive limited financial support.  

Despite this, those with a migrant background show a stronger sense of belief in Switzerland’s institutions, which could reflect hope that the system can provide them with similar opportunities to those received by those born in Switzerland.

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