Most expensive apartment in Switzerland now available to rent

Most expensive apartment in Switzerland now available to rent

While the cost of renting a house or apartment in Switzerland has never been described as bargain-basement, prospective tenants aren’t usually expected to fork out more than seven times the country's average salary for a place to call home. However, for the jet set among us, or those with more money than inhibition who want a place to stay in Lucerne, a 36.000 franc-a-month luxury apartment has just come on the market - the most expensive flat in Switzerland.

Most expensive apartment in Switzerland revealed

After being occupied for 20 years, the so-called “Rolls-Royce” of the Swiss housing market is available to rent once again. With a price tag of 432.000 francs a year - 36.000 francs a month - the seven-and-a-half-room, 343 square metre apartment in Lucerne has been named the “most expensive rental apartment in Switzerland” by the Swiss media.

So what do you get in a flat which costs more than seven times the country's average annual salary? Situated on top of the majestic Grand Hotel National right next to the lake, the apartment allows you to avail yourself of all the facilities that the five-star hotel has to offer, including the pool, spa, concierge, business centre, butler and room service. No hotly-debated laundry room schedule is required here, as the apartment comes readily equipped with a laundry and cleaning service.

36.000 franc-a-month apartment in Lucerne in high demand

According to the listing, the apartment offers an “impressive panoramic view over the lake to the Swiss Alps every morning.” The luxury pad also comes with all the mod cons and a large but slightly dim kitchen and living space - although hotel director and landlord Gabriel Stucki told Blick that they expect that the new tenants will likely have their servants prepare any meal they desire.

Stucki advised all would-be renters to act quickly if they want to rent the apartment, as it is already in quite high demand. He concluded that they would prefer a long-term rental contract like the one they agreed with the previous tenant - a Swiss citizen who rented the apartment for 20 years, spending 8,6 million francs in the process.

Want to see the apartment for yourself? Check out the Homegate listing.

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