Zurich's top baby names for 2023: Sofia and Leo return to top spots

Zurich's top baby names for 2023: Sofia and Leo return to top spots

New data from the municipal statistics department has revealed the most popular baby names in Zurich as of 2023. Over 4.000 babies were born in the largest city in Switzerland last year, with Sofia and Leo taking the top spots.

People in Zurich opting for shorter baby names

According to a statement from the department, Zurich welcomed 4.475 new babies into the world last year. 1.096 girls’ and 1.141 boys’ names were used by parents across the city, with around a third of newborns being the only child to be given their name last year.

The department noted that people in Zurich are increasingly preferring shorter names. Last year, the average name was 5,3 characters long, a decline compared to the 6,2 letter average reported in 1993. A was the most popular first letter for girls’ names, while L took the top spot for boys - interestingly, a whopping 67 percent of baby girls’ names in Zurich last year ended in an A.

Sofia is Zurich's favourite girls' name

In 2023, Sofia was the most popular girls’ name in Zurich, with 26 babies being given the name in the city last year. Despite always hovering around the top 10, the last time the name took the top spot in Zurich was in 2019.

However, Sofia's dominance may be more permanent this time around, with the department writing that “it is possible that Sofia will be at the top of the baby names again in 2024: Until the end of March of the current year, Sofia was once again the most popular first name for newborn girls.”

Sofia was followed by the ever-popular Olivia (21), Ella (20) and Emma (17). By contrast, last year saw a decline in the popularity of Yara, Anna and Mara. 

Leo is the top boys' name in Zurich

For boys’ names, Leo took the top spot in Zurich with 28 registrations last year. Much like Sofia, Leo has been in the top 10 for the majority of the last decade, but only took the top spot once before, also in 2019.

The French name Louis took second place in 2023, followed by Leonardo and Emil. While names like Louis and Nicolas saw their popularity spike last year, Leon, Finn and Julian have all slightly fallen out of favour among Zurich parents compared to last year.

Most popular boys' and girls' names in Zurich

In all, here are the top 10 boys’ names in Zurich, as of 2023:

  • 1. Leo (28)
  • 2. Louis (19)
  • =3. Leonardo (16)
  • =3. Emil (16)
  • =3. Theo (16)
  • 6. Gabriel (15)
  • 7. Leon (14)
  • =8. Luka (13)
  • =8. Oliver (13)
  • =8. Luca (13)
  • =8. Noah (13)
  • =8. Julian (13)
  • =8. Max (13)
  • =8. Matteo (13)

And here are the top 10 girls’ names in Zurich last year:

  • 1. Sofia (26)
  • 2. Olivia (21)
  • 3. Ella (20)
  • =4. Emma (17)
  • =4. Mila (17)
  • 6. Sophia (16)
  • =7. Mia (15)
  • =7. Elena (15)
  • =9. Lea (14)
  • =9. Lia (14)

For more information, check out the official report (paid paper).

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