Zurich reduces cost of applying for Swiss citizenship

Zurich reduces cost of applying for Swiss citizenship

Authorities in the Swiss city of Zurich have announced that the cost of applying for Swiss citizenship will be reduced in future. 

Cost of citizenship applications going down in Zurich

As municipal authorities are only allowed to charge a fee that covers administrative costs and doesn't make a profit, Zurich has decided that it will lower the cost of naturalisation applications in future. The fee will be reduced from 1.200 to 750 Swiss francs for everybody over the age of 26. Applications for those under the age of 26 will continue to be free. 

However, as citizenship applications in Switzerland must be approved at the municipal, cantonal and federal levels, the change will only affect applications at the municipal level. Fees are generally also charged at the federal and cantonal levels. 

As fees are set at both the cantonal and municipal level, the cost of applying for Swiss citizenship varies widely from place to place. In Jura, for instance, you can expect to pay between 500 and 1.600 francs, compared to 1.800 to 3.000 francs in Fribourg, and 300 to 2.000 francs in Geneva.

The Swiss cantons with the highest rates of naturalisation

According to Le News, the rates at which citizenship applications are approved also vary significantly between Swiss cantons. Between 1998 and 2020, Canton Schwyz had the lowest rate of naturalisation, with just 0,9 percent of foreign residents becoming naturalised Swiss citizens. 

The cantons with the highest annual rates of regular naturalisation are Zurich (2,2 percent), Geneva (2,1 percent), Neuchâtel (1,9 percent), Lucerne (1,8 percent), Bern (1,7 percent), Ticino (1,7 percent) and Vaud (1,7 percent). 

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