Zurich Insurance gets rid of its Z logo amid Ukraine invasion

Zurich Insurance gets rid of its Z logo amid Ukraine invasion

In response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Zurich Insurance Group - more commonly known as Zurich - has decided to forgo the "Z" on its logo. The symbol is widely used in Russia and Europe as a sign of support for the invasion that has forced over 3,5 million people to flee Ukraine in recent weeks.

Swiss insurance provider to stop using Z on social channels

In a statement, the insurance provider said that it would be “temporarily removing the use of the letter "Z" from social channels where it appears isolated and could be misunderstood." The logo on the website is set to remain the same.

The 150-year-old international company has been using the white "Z" on a blue background as its logo for many years but wanted to make sure that it wasn’t misinterpreted as a symbol of support for the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Earlier in March, the company confirmed that it was no longer offering insurance or renewing any contracts with people or companies in Russia.

Why is the letter Z so controversial now?

The letter Z has become increasingly controversial since Russian troops entered Ukraine at the end of February. Meaning “for victory”, according to the Russian Ministry of Defence, the symbol has been emblazoned on tanks and fighting vehicles invading Ukraine.

In Russia itself, the symbol has become a favourite of pro-invasion factions within the country - although it must be noted that the Russian state and media still call the actions in Ukraine a “special military operation.” Pro-Putin rallies and users on social media platforms have also begun to use the symbol regularly to show their support for the country’s actions, which has forced Zurich to distance itself from the movement.

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