Zurich bus and tram services to be cut from January 2023

Zurich bus and tram services to be cut from January 2023

Authorities in Zurich have announced that from January 9, 2023, a number of tram and bus services in the city will be cut or reduced. The Zurich Transport Authority (VBZ) blamed the cuts on an increase in sick leave and a shortage of workers. Here’s what you need to know.

Fewer trams and buses in Zurich from January 9, 2023

At a media conference on December 6, VBZ confirmed that public transport services across the city will be cut from January 9, 2023. It follows a previous announcement that tram line 15 would be suspended until further notice due to the number of staff off sick.

Much like tram line 15, VBZ said that it was making the cuts because of the number of staff absences, which means they regularly do not have enough drivers to sustain rush-hour services - despite renewed efforts to recruit more workers. According to 20 minuten, the changes will likely last a few months, with services hopefully returning to normal by the spring.

What tram and bus services in Zurich are being cut?

According to officials, tram line 15 will remain suspended until further notice and tram line 17 will only run until 8.30pm on Monday to Saturday. Line 17 will not run at all on Sunday. For passengers looking to travel to Werdholzli, line 13 will be extended to make up for the lost connection.

The reduction in service will also affect a number of bus routes around the city:

  • Line 32 will only run every 7,5 minutes from January.
  • Lines 40, 61 and 62 will only run every 15 minutes.
  • Line 66 will only run services between Morgental and Neubühl every 15 minutes.
  • Line 89 will end at Sihlcity after 9pm on Monday through Saturday, and at all times on Sunday.

VBZ said that it regretted the reduction in services and would do “everything in its power” to get things back to normal. For more information about the change, check out the official press release (in German).

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