Woman caught using secret earpiece and phone during Swiss driving theory test

Woman caught using secret earpiece and phone during Swiss driving theory test

When you sit an exam at school or university, you'd often wish that a reassuring voice would land in your ear and tell you that yes, as you've only studied for 30 minutes before the test started, here are all the answers you need for top marks. Now, one woman in Switzerland has tried to make that dream a reality, after being caught using a secret mobile phone and earpiece to try and cheat on an official test. The challenging paper in question? The Swiss driving theory test.

Woman caught cheating on Swiss driving theory test

According to a statement from the police and Road Traffic Office in St. Gallen, a 39-year-old woman has recently been caught trying to cheat on her driving theory exam. However, instead of scrawling barely legible instructions on a cheat sheet or palm of her hand, the learner driver came stocked with a secret mobile phone equipped with a very swish, and very noticeable, bluetooth earpiece.

Speaking to Le Matin, despite the old adage that something can be "so overt, it's covert", officials first noticed something was wrong when the lady whipped the phone out from underneath her clothing and started to take pictures of the test paper. They theorised that she was taking the pictures and sending them to an unknown accomplice, who would then feed the right answers back to her through the earpiece.

Woman had phone, receiver and cables hidden underneath corset

Sadly, her attempts to try and swindle the test were more Johnny English than James Bond, with officials soon calling the police to the traffic office in Mels, St. Gallen. Once the police arrived, it was soon revealed that the lady had the phone, bluetooth receiver and cable tucked underneath a secret corset.

Also found on her person were several hundred francs in cash, with the emergency services telling Le Matin that she expected to pay her accomplice the money after she passed the exam. The public prosecutor for St. Gallen has now opened an investigation into what happened.

Not the first time the stunt has been pulled in St. Gallen, authorities confirm

Amazingly, while the Swiss driving theory test isn’t on the same level as the MacArthur Fellowship or Cambridge entrance exam, the traffic office concluded that this isn’t the first time that a budding driver has tried to swindle their way to a licence. According to them, someone has tried almost exactly the same stunt before, although they were also caught in the act.

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