Which Swiss towns have cut taxes the most for 2024?

Which Swiss towns have cut taxes the most for 2024?

With the tax season soon drawing to a close, a new analysis of data from the Federal Tax Administration (FTA) has revealed which Swiss cantons and communities have cut taxes the most for 2024. They found that the tax burden has fallen in over 70 percent of Switzerland in the last year, with families in one canton set to pay 40 percent less in tax compared to 2023.

Tax rates of all 2.136 councils in Switzerland analysed

To create the report, the tax rates in all 2.136 local councils in Switzerland were analysed using official data from the FTA. Local, cantonal and federal tax rates were combined to determine whether families and individuals will have to pay more, less or the same when they fill in their 2024 tax return.

In the first scenario, collated by Watson, the FTA took the case of a couple who are married and have two children. The theoretical family have a combined salary of 100.000 francs a year, and all deductions related to raising two children were taken into account.

Swiss taxes for families drop across the country

They found that when it comes to 2024, tax rates for families have fallen in approximately 70 percent of Swiss municipalities. In terms of percentages, the biggest tax cuts were given to the residents of Canton Zug. 

There, families are set to pay 40 percent less in tax than the year before, with the biggest tax cut coming in Hünenberg at 45,7 percent. However, because tax rates were already astoundingly low in the town, the family in the FTA scenario would pay 59 francs less in tax compared to last year.

Families in Vaud and Solothurn to benefit most from lower tax rates

In terms of monetary savings, families in Vaud and Solothurn stand to benefit the most from the lower rates this year. The residents of all municipalities in Vaud will pay around 10 percent less in tax, with the hypothetical family having to pay 1.027 francs less compared to last year if they lived in Lausanne. In Solothurn, rates have plummeted, with families paying between 1.500 and 1.800 francs less in tax.

By contrast, only 370 towns have seen tax rates increase for families this year. This includes almost all of Canton Bern and scattered communities in Canton Zurich, Fribourg, Ticino, Schwyz, both Appenzells, Schaffhausen and Graubünden. In 9 percent of towns - mostly in Ticino, Glarus and Zurich - tax rates will remain largely the same for families.

Where have Swiss taxes fallen most for single people?

In the second scenario, Watson looked at tax rates for a single person with no children who earns 80.000 francs a year. In this case, 2.000 of the 2.163 municipalities in Switzerland have cut taxes for singles this year, although the cuts are a lot smaller.

The biggest cuts will be seen in Canton Graubünden. In the town of Sagogn, single residents with an income of 80.000 francs a year would pay 12,9 percent less in tax, meaning they would have 1.268 francs more in the kitty each year. Individuals in the rest of the country will pay between 1 and 7 percent less than last year.

Only 50 Swiss towns increase taxes on singles

By contrast, only 50 Swiss towns will increase taxes on singles in 2024, with most being located in Bern. Interestingly, only three towns in the whole country chose to keep tax rates for singles the same as last year. For more information, and to see how your area compares, check out the interactive map created by Watson (in French).

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