Which Swiss cities have the cheapest and most expensive car insurance?

Which Swiss cities have the cheapest and most expensive car insurance?

A new study by Comparis has revealed the cheapest and most expensive places to buy car insurance in Switzerland. Out of the 10 largest cities, the study found that people in some areas have to pay dramatically more for coverage than others.

Car insurance premiums in Switzerland vary by 200 francs a year

Drivers in Switzerland beware: your insurance bills can differ by nearly 200 francs a year depending on where you register your vehicle. In a previous study, Comparis noted that when comparing the worst deal in the most expensive city to the best deal in the cheapest, annual insurance premiums can vary by up to 80 percent.

Along with location, the price comparison site told Watson that the driver’s nationality also plays a big role in the price. The site said that some nationalities pay up to twice as much as Swiss citizens for the same insurance - something Comparis blamed on the fact that insurers base their premiums partly on the driver's likelihood of having an accident, and that some nationalities, statistically speaking, have a higher chance of having a road accident than others.

Where is the cheapest car insurance in Switzerland?

When the average premium for all car models, driver profiles and types of insurance are combined, the de-facto capital of Switzerland, Bern has the cheapest annual premiums of all Swiss cities. Each driver in the city is expected to fork out an average of 771 Swiss francs a year for insurance.

On the other side, the capital of Canton Ticino, Lugano, is the city with the most expensive car insurance, with residents having to pay 960 Swiss francs a year on average. Comparis explained that the high prices are because Ticino is quite a small market, and motorists from the Italian-speaking canton are statistically more likely to have an accident than those from Bern.

Cheapest and most expensive places to take out Swiss car insurance

In all, here are the 10 largest cities in Switzerland, ranked by the cost of car insurance (in Swiss francs a year):

  1. Lugano (960)
  2. Zurich (858)
  3. Lausanne (851)
  4. Geneva (846)
  5. Winterthur (829)
  6. St. Gallen (819)
  7. Basel (817)
  8. Lucerne (788)
  9. Biel / Bienne (772)
  10. Bern (771)

For more information, check out the Comparis website (in French).

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