Which Swiss cantons have the most expensive cars in 2024?

Which Swiss cantons have the most expensive cars in 2024?

Whether it’s cruising for attention in the heart of Zurich or hitting the road on the Grand Tour, the Swiss are still big fans of being on four wheels. Now, the latest study from Axa has found out which Swiss canton’s drivers are the most keen to splash the cash on their motor.

Which Swiss canton spends the most on cars?

To create the list, Axa analysed every single vehicle registered in Switzerland that it gave car insurance to in 2023. Spokesperson Jérôme Pahud told Watson that the cost of vehicles in Switzerland varies wildly, ranging from “less than 10.000 francs to several million for luxury models.”

Using the registrations, Axa was able to calculate the average price of a vehicle in each Swiss canton. They found that while the average cost of a car in Switzerland was 48.900 francs in 2023, the residents of some cantons are known to pay above and beyond for their set of wheels.

Zug spends a boat-load on their cars

Like last year, the residents of Zug were found to spend the most on their cars. There, the average resident spent 64.777 francs on their motor, enough to buy a bog standard C-Class Mercedes-Benz - Switzerland’ favourite car brand last year. Schwyz (58.315 francs) and Appenzell Innerrhoden (54.665 francs) rounded out the podium places - the latter’s third-place finish may be to do with the fact that a majority of rental cars are registered in the canton.

Axa noted that Zug is also home to the heaviest (and therefore largest) vehicles on average. By contrast, the lightest vehicles were registered in Ticino, Neuchâtel and Jura.

Drivers in Canton Jura pay 33 percent less for wheels than Zug

The front runners are in dramatic contrast to the opposite end of the list, with those in Jura spending 43.279 francs on their cars, 10 percent less than the national average and 33 percent less than those in Zug. Neuchâtel (43.285) and Fribourg (44.356) completed the bottom three.

The Swiss cantons with the cheapest and most expensive cars

In all, here are the 13 Swiss cantons with the most expensive cars on average:

  1. Zug (64.777)
  2. Schwyz (58.315)
  3. Appenzell Innerrhoden (54.665)
  4. Graubünden (52.517)
  5. Basel-Stadt (52.289)
  6. Zurich (52.289)
  7. Nidwalden (51.355)
  8. Basel-Land (50.405)
  9. Obwalden (49.735)
  10. Aargau (49.158)
  11. Valais (49.095)
  12. Geneva (49.035)
  13. Thurgau (48.753)

By contast, these are the cantons with the cheapest cars:

  1. Jura (43.279)
  2. Neuchâtel (43.285)
  3. Fribourg (44.356)
  4. Bern (45.226)
  5. Uri (46.453)
  6. Ticino (46.526)
  7. Vaud (46.828)
  8. Glarus (46.861)
  9. Solothurn (47.381)
  10. Lucerne (48.185)
  11. Schaffhausen (48.373)
  12. St. Gallen (48.638)
  13. Appenzell Ausserrhoden (48.678)

For more information on how the study was carried out, check out the official website.

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