Which canton of Switzerland has the most dangerous roads?

Which canton of Switzerland has the most dangerous roads?

The latest data from the Federal Statistical Office (FSO) has revealed which Swiss cantons saw the most road traffic accidents in 2023. The government found that the number of incidents on roads and motorways in Switzerland decreased slightly last year, continuing a long-term trend which began at the turn of the century.

Number of road accidents continues to fall in Switzerland

According to the data, 18.254 road traffic accidents involving personal injury were recorded across Swiss cities and cantons last year. This amounts to a small decrease compared to 2022, when 18.396 incidents were recorded.

Despite a rise in 2021 and 2022, the number of drivers getting into accidents in the alpine nation has generally been falling since 2000. For instance, despite the increase in population, the number of accidents in Switzerland is far lower than in 1990 when 30.197 incidents were reported.

Of the incidents recorded by the emergency services, 4.096 involved a serious injury that required treatment at a hospital. 236 people lost their lives on Swiss roads last year, a decrease in comparison to 2022 - since 2000, the number of people losing their lives has fallen by 60 percent.

Canton Zurich has the most traffic incidents in Switzerland

In terms of sheer numbers, Canton Zurich had the most traffic accidents in Switzerland in 2023. Police in the region reported 4.012 collisions that involved an injury last year. The Swiss metropolis was followed by Bern (3.167), Vaud (1.660) and Geneva (1.230). By contrast, Appenzell Innerrhoden had the fewest road accidents (25), followed by Obwalden (81), Glarus (95), Nidwalden (96), Appenzell Ausserrhoden (98) and Jura (129).

However, when it came to accidents as a proportion of the population, it was Canton Uri that came out on top. There, the emergency services reported 47,2 road accidents per 10.000 residents. It was followed by Graubünden (31 per 10.000), Bern (30,1 per 10.000) and Lucerne (29 per 10.000).

While the FSO did not explain why Uri placed top of the list, it is likely because the canton has a low population and is home to various routes through the mountains and the northern end of the Gotthard Road Tunnel, a location where accidents are common. In fact, a study from Touring Club Switzerland in 2010 rated the Furka, Klausen, Oberalp and Susten Passes as the highest-risk roads in the country, all of which are in Uri.

Which Swiss cantons have the most traffic accidents?

In all, here are the Swiss cantons that had the most road accidents last year:

  1. Zurich (3.553)
  2. Bern (2.547)
  3. Vaud (1.660)
  4. Geneva (1.230)
  5. Aargau (1.180)
  6. Lucerne (1.017)
  7. St. Gallen (980)
  8. Ticino (676)
  9. Valais (611)
  10. Solothurn (604)

For the full list of cantons, check out the FSO website.

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