Useful weather apps for Switzerland

Useful weather apps for Switzerland

Switzerland’s weather can vary a lot! From snowy ski seasons, to boiling hot summers, this country really does have it all! Thankfully, some great meteorologists are working hard in the background to try and figure out what’s coming next so that you can keep up! Here are some of our favourite Swiss weather apps.

Swiss weather apps

There are lots of accurate international weather apps that can provide you with forecasts for your city, but if you’re looking for something to cover a more precise location, here are some great Swiss weather apps that can give you the forecast for your local small town.

MeteoSwiss App

Switzerland’s national meteorological service not only provides data used by Swiss TV and radio, but also has its very own app that can be used to see the country’s forecast in detail. Especially for Switzerland, it can be important to get accurate information regarding snow coverage and live weather updates for people who are driving or planning a trip up the mountains - all of this is possible with the MeteoSwiss app. Get it for Android or iPhone.

SRF Meteo

This Swiss app allows you to see the weather not just in Switzerland, but also in many other places around the world. SRF Meteo is great for those travelling around Switzerland as it presents research and forecasts from the Swiss Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research to make sure you don’t get caught out in a snowstorm. The weather report is updated three times daily and the app has access to 40 webcams across the country so you can see the conditions with your own eyes. Get it for Android or iPhone.

Landi Wetter App

Want a rain radar forecast that can predict the rainfall for the next 24 hours? Then this app is for you! The Landi Wetter app can let you know if you need to wear that silly plastic raincoat or whether you can stay dry without it! The app also provides users with a pollen forecast on warmer days, as well as bathing temperatures in the Swiss lakes. You can even customise regional notifications to make sure you stay on top of any dangerous or unusual weather heading your way. Get it for Android or iPhone.

Swiss Snow

Finally, one for the skiers! Heading to a Swiss ski resort is always great fun but it can turn into a nightmare if you get caught in some bad weather. Thankfully, Swiss Snow, provided by Switzerland Tourism, allows you to check out the slopes ahead of your trip, or even use their 360-degree webcams to simply fantasise about being back on the slopes during an especially boring day at work. You can check which slopes have the best powder snow for the coming seven days and even check the temperature on cross-country ski routes. Get it for Android or iPhone.

International weather apps

While a Swiss weather app may be the best thing for accurate predictions in Switzerland, as expats, it can be easier to have an international weather app where you can check the weather in your Swiss city, but can also keep an eye on elsewhere, like in your hometown, or wherever your international family and friends live!


As well as data on temperature, wind, air pressure, precipitation, humidity, UV index and “feels like” temperatures, WeatherPro provides worldwide alerts and warning levels for extreme weather that can help keep you on top of any breaking weather news. To go ad-free, you can upgrade to premium for 99 cents per month or 10,99 euros per year. The app provides seven-day forecasts, updated every three hours, for more than 2 million locations worldwide. Get it for Android or iPhone


Known globally, AccuWeather has proven itself to be just as accurate in Switzerland. As well as detailed hourly, daily and weekly forecasts, it also features a useful “RealFeel” index which, as the name suggests, gives you an idea of what the temperature outside actually feels like. The premium version costs 10,99 euros per year. Get it for Android or iPhone.

The Weather Channel

A favourite for many, the Weather Channel provides 48-hour and 15-day forecasts, with details on wind speeds, humidity, the UV index and visibility. You have the option to remove ads for 2,39 euros a month or 10,99 euros per year. Get it for Android or iPhone.

Yahoo Weather

Yahoo’s weather app managed to bag itself the Apple Design Award back in 2013, and everyone can see why - striking Flickr photos of your current location and weather conditions provide a minimalist backdrop that can be expanded to reveal more detailed information about temperature, wind, precipitation and a 10-day forecast. Not only is it accurate, but it’s got to be the most aesthetically pleasing weather app out there. Get it for Android or iPhone.

Beat the Swiss weather with a great weather app

After downloading a couple of these great apps on your mobile phone (or maybe all of them if you want a second, third and fourth opinion), you're sure to have a good idea of what to expect, whatever the weather. Good luck braving the elements!

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