Tensions rise as groups continue to protest COVID-19 restrictions

Tensions rise as groups continue to protest COVID-19 restrictions

Around 1.500 protesters gathered in the city of Lucerne on September 11 to campaign against the Swiss government’s COVID-19 restrictions. The protests come just days after a similar event in Bern

Swiss COVID protests sparked by new entry requirements for bars

Many of the protesters campaigning for action were angered by a recent decision made by the Swiss government to extend the use of a national system requiring COVID-19 passports for entry into bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Those who fail to follow the rules set by the government risk a 100 Swiss franc fine. 

The new changes are expected to remain in place until early 2022, although many in the business community have been pleading with the government to lift the requirements as soon as possible. 

Anti-coronavirus protest in Lucerne didn't have prior approval

Although the gathering in Lucerne was not given approval from local authorities, the protest did not cause a major incident and there were no injuries or arrests reported shortly after the protest. The rally did, however, cause some minor inconveniences for those who were driving through the Swiss city, with several roads being blocked by protesters, and police having to turn people away.

There were also some reports of clashes between protesters and people opposing the demonstration, but police eventually managed to break up the incidents using pepper spray.



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