Take the stress out of getting Swiss health insurance with Cigna

Take the stress out of getting Swiss health insurance with Cigna


Whether you’re planning your move to Switzerland or are already settled in, making sure your healthcare needs are covered when living abroad is an essential part of feeling happy and free in a different country. If you are a newcomer to the alpine nation, and need expat-friendly health insurance fast, check out the offers from Cigna Global.

Healthcare in Switzerland: The mandatory system

Healthcare in Switzerland is both brilliant and a little different - there’s no universal health coverage, for example. Although there are state-sponsored hospitals, everyone is required to have private health insurance in order to be treated at these facilities. 

Finding Swiss health insurance can be complicated, let Cigna Global be your guide!

There aren’t major differences between public and private facilities, sometimes referred to as specialist hospitals in Switzerland. Standards are excellent across the board, waiting lists aren’t an issue and there’s no language barrier as doctors normally speak English, especially in the larger cities. 

Swiss private medical insurance 

Private medical insurance is mandatory for both residents and expats within three months of moving to the country. Most medical treatments are covered, apart from dentistry, while extra benefits such as private rooms and gym discounts can be paid for. For basic health insurance, premiums are based on location and age as opposed to income. 

However, if you fail to purchase a private health insurance plan in Switzerland by the deadline, your local authority will force you to sign up for a plan, which may mean you pay higher premiums. Anyone in Switzerland without an insurance plan, other than those exempted, will not be able to access health services other than for emergency treatment, which they will be billed for. Therefore, it's important to have peace of mind and get the right insurance plan in place as soon as possible.

Finding the right international insurance plan

If you’re thinking about taking out private health insurance in Switzerland, Cigna Global is very aware of all the difficulties that expats can face when it comes to healthcare in a new location. To help, they have created a range of international health insurance plans specifically designed for expats, which you can tailor exactly to the needs of you and your family.

An international health plan from Cigna Global includes a range of benefits and services to support you and your family:

  • Flexible and tailored plans
  • Medical support in over 200 countries and territories
  • 24 / 7 multilingual customer care
  • Global network of 1,65 million hospitals and healthcare professionals
  • Full cancer care
  • Full flexibility on payment options, and add-on benefits to enhance your cover
  • Unlimited benefit limit on current or future pandemic-related care
  • A suite of digital tools, including Global Telehealth to manage your health on the go

The customer is the centre of what they do: Their multi-lingual customer care team is available 24 / 7, based across the globe.

Why choose Cigna Global?

They are your "Whole Health Partner": Cigna Global helps you get the support needed to help face the demands of modern life by tailoring your healthcare to you - whether at home, at work, and everything in between. They also have global and local expertise: their extensive global network, clinical expertise and suite of digital tools allow you to manage your health and well-being anytime, from anywhere.



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