Switzerland's bid to host women's Euros in 2025 given government support

Switzerland's bid to host women's Euros in 2025 given government support

The Swiss National Council has voted to back Switzerland’s candidacy to host the women’s UEFA European Football Championship in 2025. The Swiss government said it wanted to demonstrate its support, and hoped Switzerland would get the opportunity to host a major football tournament, something it hasn't done since 2008. 

Euro 2025 provides Switzerland chance to support women’s football

Hosting the Euro 2025 tournament provides Switzerland with an opportunity to support women’s football and inspire young girls to become the next generation of world-class footballers. While the women’s game has traditionally seen less investment from supporters, recent years have seen interest in the game grow. 

There are currently more than 31.000 women and girls taking part in football in Switzerland, and the trend is on the rise, National Councillor and keen footballer Corina Gredig told 20 minuten. “Our national team has just qualified for the World Cup. A European championship with us would also be a big step forward for future generations and a powerful motivating factor,” she added. 

Switzerland is an attractive venue for the 2025 Euro football competition

Thanks to its well-connected public transport system and the large number of high-quality stadiums, Switzerland makes a particularly attractive host for the next Euros. So far, Poland, France, Switzerland and a joint bid by Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland are currently in the running to host the tournament.

National Councillor Elisabeth Schneider-Schneiter says that Switzerland has a good chance of winning the bid because it "is an enthusiastic football country, it has optimal stadiums, it is politically and economically stable - which is not insignificant today - and it can easily take on the number of tourists expected from the tournament", she told 20 minuten

The Swiss Football Association (ASF) was quick to rejoice at the news of the political declaration. "After the financial commitments made by Swiss cities and cantons in recent months, this is a new strong sign from the political world", the ASF said. 

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