Switzerland starts new National Vaccination Week

Switzerland starts new National Vaccination Week

As the number of new COVID vaccinations stall in Switzerland, the Swiss government has decided to launch a "National Vaccination Week". The move is intended to boost bookings for first vaccinations and promote the booster jab, which has been approved for people over 65 years old.

Vaccination week to persuade vaccine sceptics in Switzerland

“Every vaccination counts” was the message sent by the government as the week commenced, encouraging everyone to “do their bit.” Vaccination rates in Switzerland have slowed recently, with only 73 percent of people aged 12 or older fully vaccinated, a number which lags behind many major European nations.

What’s more, the number of COVID cases in Switzerland has started to rise once again, leading to concern that a new wave in the winter will put excessive strain on the Swiss healthcare system, similar to what was seen in Swiss hospitals last year.

COVID vaccination week to include famous Swiss artists

As part of National Vaccination Week, the government has given the cantons 96 million Swiss francs to organise a series of events to inform people about vaccination and convince people to take the jab. On the national level, Swiss acts like Dabu Fantastic, Stress and Baschi have all agreed to a series of free “Back on Tour” concerts across the country.

Alongside the concerts, many Swiss cities are doing their own events. Zurich is setting up a “vaccination village” with coffee and treats for families. In Geneva, organisers are running a COVID vaccination raffle, with prizes that include the opportunity to drive an armoured vehicle around Geneva Airport.

Speaking at a press conference announcing the event, Federal councillor Guy Parmelin said the vaccination rate was still too low to lift any restrictions, like the mask mandate or certificate requirement. The Swiss president said that it was up to Swiss citizens to do their part, reiterating the slogan of the campaign to “pull out of the pandemic together.”

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