Switzerland records a dramatic increase in the number of vehicle accidents

Switzerland records a dramatic increase in the number of vehicle accidents

New data from the Federal Roads Office (FEDRO) has revealed that the number of road accidents in Switzerland has increased dramatically, as more and more drivers in Switzerland hit the roads for the first time.

Accident numbers skyrocket for new and young drivers in Switzerland

The sudden increase in accident numbers in Switzerland comes as FEDRO confirmed that, in 2021, 24 percent more people learnt to drive in Switzerland and received their driving licence for the first time.

This influx of young, inexperienced drivers has led to a significant increase in the number of accidents. In 2021, there were 7,3 percent more accidents than the year before, and among new drivers, accidents rose by 18,5 percent. According to the Swiss Council for Accident Prevention, 18 to 24-year-olds are 2,5 times more likely to have an accident than 25 to 64-year-olds.

New drivers unprepared for Swiss roads and motorways

Willi Wismer, President of the Zurich Driving Instructors' Association, was quick to point out that “90 percent [of motorists] drive sensibly.” He said that those who cause accidents tend to make irrational decisions, such as choosing to switch off traction control “so you get wheelspin.”

Wimser criticised the government for reducing the number of training courses required to get a licence, which has meant that many new drivers may have not experienced important lessons such as how to take a corner at speed. He called for more training for first-time drivers to be made available and refresher courses for older motorists to help reduce the number of accidents.

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