Switzerland may relax more COVID-19 rules after police backlash

Switzerland may relax more COVID-19 rules after police backlash

Switzerland is considering relaxing even more COVID-19 restrictions, after a small but vocal group of the country’s police officers have threatened not to enforce them. 

Mask requirements could be lifted soon

According to a statement made by health minister Alain Berset on 8 August 2021, the requirement to wear masks in public spaces could be lifted in “weeks”. Minister Berset added, “There should be no more closures in Switzerland”, stressing the government’s intention to make the lifting of COVID-19 measures an irreversible step. 

Berset was however cautious to state that this would only happen if the situation with public health does not worsen and hospitals do not see increases in COVID-19 admissions. He went further to confirm that the government currently has no plans to use the Swiss COVID-19 health pass for activities other than the ones that it is currently used for - namely large events and gatherings with more than 1.000 people.

Restrictions have creatsed tension between police and legislators

Minister Berset’s comments come amidst a tense situation between some police officers and the government. 

The “Association of Police Officers from the Cantons of Switzerland” have demanded the right to express one’s own personal opinion when it comes to the COVID-19 measures. 

The members behind the group sent a four-page letter to the Swiss Federation of Police Officers (FSFP) voicing anger at the country’s COVID-19 measures, and threatening insubordination. 

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