Switzerland looks to stock up on plastic as part of emergency supplies

Switzerland looks to stock up on plastic as part of emergency supplies

In the face of rising prices and supply shortages, the Swiss government is now considering adding plastic to the national emergency stockpile. The Federal Council are currently reviewing the products it keeps in reserve to make sure the country is fully prepared for a crisis.

100 percent of plastic in Switzerland imported from overseas

In the first five months of 2022, the cost of plastic for use in food packaging has increased significantly, mainly due to supply issues related to the end of COVID measures and the war in Ukraine. As 100 percent of food packaging, cardboard, tinplate and aluminium in Switzerland is imported from overseas, 20 minuten noted that the country is at the mercy of supply shocks around the world.

In the event of a crisis, NZZ am Sonntag noted that a lack of plastic in the country would lead to food products being spoiled before reaching consumers, raising fears of food shortages. With tensions rising globally, the government has decided to act to secure the supply of plastic.

Switzerland set to add plastic to emergency stockpile

The Federal Office for National Economic Supply (FONES) has launched a full investigation into what is stockpiled in the event of a crisis and whether any new items need to be added. In all, the FOS are looking into stockpiling PE plastics and polystyrene for use in food packaging.

"With the experience of the pandemic, as well as supply issues and strong price hikes, not only the assortment but also the coverage of product needs will be reviewed,” the FONES said. According to NZZ am Sonntag, international companies and domestic businesses may have to start stockpiling plastic as early as next year.

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