Switzerland has one of the world's worst COVID infection rates

Switzerland has one of the world's worst COVID infection rates

Switzerland now has one of the highest incidence rates of COVID in the world, with 710,1 cases per 100.000 people over the last week according to the Federal Office of Public Health. The number of infections has been rising steadily over recent weeks, putting increased pressure on hospitals.

Swiss COVID rates are the fifth-worst in the world

According to Our World in Data and Blick, Switzerland has the fifth-highest rate of COVID infections worldwide. The top 10 are all nations in Europe, with Slovakia the most severe at 944 cases per 100.000. 97,9 percent of COVID cases in Switzerland are still the Delta variant, although cases of the new Omicron variant have been rising slowly.

Swiss hospitals have come under increased pressure as well, as the healthcare system has to deal with winter spikes in other diseases alongside a large number of COVID patients. Data from the Federal Office of Public Health shows current intensive care unit occupancy is at 80 percent, of which 34,5 percent are coronavirus cases.

While others went into lockdown, Switzerland chose to wait

Compared with other European countries, Switzerland has been “particularly flexible” on its COVID restrictions, according to Blick. Austria and Germany, who have lower case rates than Switzerland, are emerging from lockdowns or restrictions where “unvaccinated people are practically excluded from social life," according to the newspaper.

New COVID-19 restrictions are set to be announced by the Federal Council on Friday, amid a deteriorating situation in regard to cases in the country. The pattern of Switzerland acting slower and more cautiously in regard to restrictions is set to continue, regardless of which “variant” of COVID restrictions are chosen.

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