Switzerland to face power shortages by 2025 if no EU agreement is reached

Switzerland to face power shortages by 2025 if no EU agreement is reached

A new report presented to the Swiss government has found Switzerland could run short of power by as early as March 2025, if a new electricity deal is not made with the European Union. In a worst-case scenario, power could no longer be guaranteed, with the cost of electricity rising significantly.

Swiss power grid reliant on European Union

The report was commissioned by the Federal Council after Switzerland pulled out of talks with the EU regarding a new power deal in 2018. The report analysed what would happen in 2025 once current electricity agreements expire, and the EU begins its policy of stockpiling at least 70 percent of its electricity for domestic use.

In an absolute worst-case scenario, if Swiss energy suppliers and the EU do not cooperate at all, Switzerland would see power shortages as early as March of the same year, with the problem getting worse over winter. They predicted that power could be in short supply for 500 hours a year, leading to the potential for rolling blackouts in Swiss cities.

Switzerland needs to build up electricity supply after EU change

The report comes as nuclear power stations in Switzerland are to be decommissioned by 2050 and water flows from Swiss mountains, which provide hydroelectric power, are becoming more inconsistent. The Federal Electricity Commission ElCom raised concerns back in June that Switzerland needed to prepare for “self-sufficiency” from the EU, if no agreement is reached.

Concluding their findings, the analysis said the “safest option” would be an agreement with the EU on power. They noted that such an agreement would guarantee power through the 40 power connection points Switzerland has with EU nations. Failing a comprehensive agreement, they asked that at least a technical agreement be reached so that the country can avoid the worst-case scenario.

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