Swiss swimming pools to get cooler due to Russian energy boycott

Swiss swimming pools to get cooler due to Russian energy boycott

Two swimming baths in the cantons of Bern and Zurich have committed to keeping their pools cold this summer to protest the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Swimming pools in other Swiss cantons are likely to follow suit.

Swiss pools slash entry prices to make up for cold water

Officials in the Schlieren district of Zurich have said that they will not be heating their municipal swimming pool this summer since they “no longer wanted to continue to finance Putin’s war." To make up for the cold water, visitors to the pool will be charged 30 percent less than the standard entry ticket from June, and will be able to enter free of charge throughout the month of May. 

Hopefully, the Swiss weather will warm up quickly and allow outdoor swimmers to stay warm for the entire summer season, but just in case temperatures don't rise, some other swimming pools have already committed to switching to solar power to ensure that people are able to enjoy the pool every day. 

Swimming pool operators in Switzerland want to phase out Russian energy

A spokesperson from the swimming pool in Zurich told the media that they are aware that they cannot make a large impact on their own, but they wanted to “send a signal” to protest Switzerland's reliance on Russian energy. Given the rising energy costs, the cold pools can help swimming pool operators save money and reduce their environmental footprint while also taking a stand.

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