Swiss ski resorts consider slowing down ski lifts to save energy

Swiss ski resorts consider slowing down ski lifts to save energy

Ski resorts in Switzerland are considering taking extraordinary steps to save energy this winter, as the rest of the country looks to cut down on energy consumption. As the ski season looms, resort bosses say they are concerned about the impact that the energy crisis could have on their businesses.

Swiss ski resorts to cut energy usage

Benedicta Aregger, Deputy Director of Seilbahnen Schweiz, told SRF that many resorts in the Swiss mountains are considering measures to reduce the amount of energy their businesses use. For example, some are said to be considering slowing down the speed of ski lifts and restricting the opening hours of cable cars during the evening and when the weather is poor. 

Aregger stated that ski lift operators are keen to be prepared for any energy quotas issued by the Swiss government. How ski resorts would go about saving energy is uncertain, but there are a number of options currently under consideration. Ultimately, the decision would be based on the resort’s preference as well as the regulations set out by each Swiss canton and the federal government. 

Ski resorts take voluntary measures to prevent government quotas

Ski resorts are shifting their focus to saving energy on a voluntary basis in the hope that restrictions and quotas on energy consumption won’t need to be imposed. Energy-saving measures could include cutting the use of heated seating on ski lifts, using fewer info-screens and turning off hot water in toilets. 

Ski resorts in other countries like France are also expressing concerns about the energy crisis, with some resorts claiming that their energy bills could soar to as much as 15 million Swiss francs, according to Euronews. The Swiss government has several plans in place to avoid an energy shortfall, but the rising cost of electricity and gas is putting pressure on ski resorts, businesses, homeowners and renters alike.

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