Swiss Post to raise prices on letters and parcels from 2024

Swiss Post to raise prices on letters and parcels from 2024

Swiss Post has announced that from the beginning of 2024, it will be increasing the cost of sending letters and parcels in Switzerland. The postal service provider argued that it needs to raise prices because of increased costs and a decline in the number of letters sent.

Swiss Post to raise prices on letters and parcels

From 2024, Swiss Post will be increasing the cost of sending letters and parcels to Swiss cities, cantons and abroad. Priority A and B letters will cost 10 rappen (cents) more, with a new total price of 1,20 and 1 franc respectively. 

For packages, the cost of priority and economy parcels of all sizes will increase by 1,5 francs. The decision was approved by the official price monitor for Switzerland and will go into effect from January 1, lasting for at least two years.

In a statement given to Watson, Swiss Post said that the “price increases are necessary due to the continuing decline in letter volumes and post office counter transactions.” The company added that the heightened cost of salaries, energy, transport and materials also made the price rise inevitable.

Price Monitor warns of difficult situation for Swiss Post

For its part, the official price monitor for the government said that while it couldn't prevent the move, it was able to “slow down [price rises] significantly” - Swiss Post initially wanted to raise prices by 50 percent more, which the company said could have netted an extra 70 million francs a year. However, the monitor acknowledged that the postal service faces an “economically challenging environment” with fewer letters sent and prices still rising.

Swiss Post explained that over-the-counter business at post offices across Switzerland declined by 15 percent in 2022 alone. They also warned that the company will still need to tighten its belt, with cost savings of 300 million francs planned by the end of the decade.

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