Swiss police: Man broke into Zurich Airport, stole car and drove on tarmac

Swiss police: Man broke into Zurich Airport, stole car and drove on tarmac

According to a report by the Swiss police, a man has been able to successfully break into Zurich Airport. The incident, which occurred on August 24, involved the man stealing a vehicle, driving around the tarmac and attempting to smuggle himself onto two long-haul flights.

Man breaks into Zurich Airport and steals car from SWISS

In a statement given to 20 minuten, the emergency services said that on the evening of August 24, a 27-year-old man managed to break into the airport in Zurich - this was only two months after Skytrax gave Zurich Airport the award for the “best airport security in the world.”

Once he had made his way into the complex, somehow, he was able to steal a car from flag-carrier airline SWISS. Now freely roaming on the taxiway, the driver headed for two SWISS long-haul flights - one bound for São Paulo and one to Johannesburg.

27-year-old impersonates airport worker to sneak onto flights

According to the Tages-Anzeiger, the man, who was able to impersonate someone from the airline by using a fluorescent vest found in the car, tried to board the plane leaving for Johannesburg. When this was denied, he quickly moved to the next plane, where a worker from Swissport discovered him hiding in the hold of the plane bound for São Paulo.

The individual was swiftly arrested and examined by a doctor as he was “obviously confused.” He was tried by the Zurich Public Prosecutor and sentenced to a suspended financial sentence for illegal entry, illegal stay, invasion of domicile and disruption of a public service company.

Zurich Airport to re-examine security measures

When asked how the individual was able to get onto the live tarmac without being noticed, the police of Canton Zurich told the Tages-Anzeiger that he had probably jumped over a fence. A spokesperson for Zurich Airport confirmed that they were re-examining their security measures in the wake of the incident.

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