Swiss government shortens wait between vaccine and booster

Swiss government shortens wait between vaccine and booster

The Swiss government has shortened the wait between the initial COVID vaccination and the booster shot from six to four months, due to the threat posed by the new Omicron variant. The Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) said shortening the period between vaccine and booster gives people greater protection against COVID.

Booster jab to improve protection against Omicron

The FOPH and the Vaccination Commission have announced that people already vaccinated against COVID-19 can book a booster two months ahead of schedule. The move has come amid new COVID restrictions that allow recently vaccinated or boosted people to forego testing requirements in settings that have to implement 2G+.

Officials from the FOPH said the evidence suggests that booster vaccinations provide significant additional protection against the new Omicron variant of COVID. Although not dominant in Switzerland yet, officials are concerned about the speed of its spread, especially as the healthcare system is already struggling to cope with a new wave of the Delta variant.

Cantons expand booster campaign in Switzerland

In addition, those who received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine have been recommended a booster jab from an alternate mRNA vaccine to improve protection. The Federal Council confirmed that there is more than enough vaccines in the country to accommodate everyone who wants a shot.

The Swiss cantons have expanded the booster campaign in recent weeks to include more age groups. Despite the announcement by the FOPH, it is still up to the cantons to decide when the booster should be given, although Zurich has already announced its intention to follow the FOPH advice.

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