Swiss Federal Office of Energy sounds alarm over energy uncertainty

Swiss Federal Office of Energy sounds alarm over energy uncertainty

The Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) has expressed concern over growing energy uncertainty in Switzerland and across the wider European region. As prices are rising, many people in Switzerland are worrying about how they will afford their utility bills when the weather gets colder during autumn and winter.

Government expected to call on Switzerland to reduce energy use

With concern growing over energy supplies across Europe, the Swiss government is drawing up plans for how to deal with such scenarios. In the first instance, the government is expected to call on businesses and international companies that have offices in Swiss cities to voluntarily cut energy consumption. 

After this, the government would move to banish practices that unnecessarily consume energy, such as saunas or companies choosing to leave lights switched on at night for the sake of convenience. If scarcity still persists, then at this point the government could turn to rationing energy. 

Michael Frank, head of the Swiss electricity association, believes that the risk of an electricity shortage in 2022 is possible and says that doing nothing is not an option. Thankfully, the government is acting in advance to try to prevent a shortage.

Switzerland negotiating deal with Germany to prevent shortages

Switzerland is currently in the process of negotiating a deal with neighbouring Germany to keep gas flowing throughout the winter. The country is also beginning negotiations with Italy to prevent energy shortages. While Switzerland is able to produce much of its own energy through hydropower, the risk of gas shortages still threatens to plunge the country into the cold over the winter season. 

Benoît Revaz, head of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) told Swiss broadcaster RTS that his plan to prevent a shortage is centred mostly around reducing consumption through a public awareness campaign. Revaz said he hopes to have this ready by the end of August.  

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