SWISS confirm they will be phasing out mask mandates on their planes

SWISS confirm they will be phasing out mask mandates on their planes

The national flag carrier of Switzerland, SWISS, has confirmed that it will be phasing out the mask requirement on its planes. It comes after the government lifted all federally-mandated COVID restrictions on April 1.

Mask rules on SWISS determined by your destination

In a statement, the international company said that it would be “gradually lifting the obligation to wear masks on board for passengers and crew members from April 1.” In practice, this will mean that the mask rule will only apply when flying into airports in countries where a mask mandate is still in place. 

Passengers on flights to Switzerland or to other destinations that do not enforce mask rules will no longer have to wear a face mask. SWISS said that passengers will be informed of what rules apply before they depart.

Other Swiss airlines yet to lift mask rules

The announcement comes as Switzerland lifts the remaining federally enforced COVID restrictions on the population. However, some Swiss cantons have chosen to keep some measures, such as the mask mandate in hospitals, which has led to a patchwork of restrictions across the country.

Other Swiss airlines like Chair Airlines and SWISS's sister airlines Edelweiss Air and Helvetic Air are yet to announce their official position, although they are expected to follow suit. Before your flight, be sure to check with your airline to see what rules apply to your carrier and your destination.

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