Swiss communities vote to create new national park

Swiss communities vote to create new national park

Four municipalities in Switzerland have voted in a referendum to approve a new national park. The area in question is in the Italian-speaking part of Canton Graubünden - stretching for around 25 kilometres near the town of Grono. 

76 percent support new national park

According to the website, the Val Calanca Park boats stunning landscapes that have been untouched by modernity, with "wild and uncontaminated nature, traditional settlements with stone and wood constructions, ancient mule tracks, evidence of alpine culture, multi-millennial, baroque and contemporary art, excellent local products, both food and artisanal," the park's website notes. Now, with local approval, this site will now be designated a "national park."

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The result showed that many of the local residents were pleased with the proposal for a new national park in the region. 76 percent of those living in the four local councils (Gemeinden) of Buseno, Calanca, Rossa and Santa Maria voted in favour of the park charter.

Once the preparations have been made for the park to open, the area will host tourists, conservationists and maybe even some new animal residents. The park will be set up for an initial period of nine years, between 2024 and 2033. 

First national park in southern Switzerland

The new park, Parco Val Calanca, will be southern Switzerland’s first national park. The first period until 2033 will act as a trial run, and once completed, residents will be given a second vote to decide if they wish to continue the scheme. 

Sadly, similar projects have been launched in the past, but without success. The failed Adula national park project saw great local support at its vote in 2016, but since then the project has collapsed. It is hoped that the new project can successfully bring travellers and conservationists to the region, while not encouraging huge crowds.

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