Swiss authorities issued nearly a billion francs in fines in 2019

Swiss authorities issued nearly a billion francs in fines in 2019

According to the latest data from the Federal Finance Administration (FFA) in Bern, the Swiss government issued almost a billion francs' worth of fines in 2019. In all, income from finable offences has increased by 400 percent since 1990.

Income from fines in Switzerland increases dramatically

According to the FFA, the Swiss police and emergency services collected 936 million francs' worth of fines in 2019. Of the amount collected, 58 percent were traffic fines relating to speeding or road accidents, 21 percent were court fines and 14 percent were fines related to Swiss taxes and banking.

While the number of offences has remained around the same, the value of fines issued in Switzerland has increased significantly in recent decades. In 1990, 227 million francs were collected by authorities, meaning the total value of fines has increased by 400 percent in the last 29 years.

Relaxed traffic laws expected to reduce income from fines

In all, traffic fines have increased in value the most, with 405 million francs more charged in 2019 compared to 29 years ago. This is mainly due to the Via Sicura - the set of strict traffic laws imposed in 2012 which made fines higher. However, this may change, as traffic penalties are set to be reformed in the coming months.

Among some of the more common fines, there are many strange penalties that the FFA noted in its report. From people fined for driving too slowly to people who incorrectly organised their bins, there are plenty of weird ways to receive a fine in the alpine nation.

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