Strong storms cause winds up to 109 km/h to batter Swiss Alpine valleys

Strong storms cause winds up to 109 km/h to batter Swiss Alpine valleys

The Swiss meteorological office MeteoSwiss issued severe weather warnings across several parts of Switzerland during the weekend and on Monday, advising people to be wary of strong winds and heavy rainfall. While the storms are beginning to die down, the temperature in Switzerland is expected to drop sharply. 

Switzerland’s storms began at the weekend

The summer has officially come to an end, with strong winds and storms arriving in Switzerland since October 2. Cantons in the south of Switzerland were burdened with heavy rainfall, while Alpine regions battled strong winds. Valleys within the Alps faced the strongest winds, with the speed reaching up to 109,1 km/h in the town of Altdorf on the morning of October 3. 

During the storms, the temperature in Switzerland lay at around 20 degrees Celsius, however, it is expected that the temperature will drop sharply to below 15 degrees on the night of Monday, October 4. The storm signals a seasonal change in the weather for the country for the coming weeks.

Weather in Switzerland 2021

The weather in Switzerland has varied greatly throughout 2021, with storms and heavy rainfall having caused significant damage in July. Some Swiss media outlets even went so far as to brand the summer season the “worst summer ever” in the country’s history.

As the meteorological autumn has begun, weather across the country will now become both cooler and wetter. While some parts of the country may still be mild into November, alpine regions will see their temperatures continue to fall as ski season draws nearer.

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