Soignez-moi: Reaching out to a doctor has never been so easy!

Soignez-moi: Reaching out to a doctor has never been so easy!


Picture this: you don’t feel well, are already sick or need a prescription, but you want to stay at home and avoid the countless hours of waiting associated with visiting an emergency department. For those in this situation, Soignez-moi is the solution for you! With 20.000 patients served over the past three years, with Soignez-moi, reaching out to a doctor in Switzerland has never been so easy!

Get fast access to healthcare with Soignez-moi

Get medical care at the touch of a button with Soignez-moi

As everyone knows, it is very difficult to find a general practitioner (GP) quickly, and even more of a challenge if it's for a small condition that does not require you to go to a hospital. With just a few steps between you and the medical care you need, is the perfect tonic if someone wants to avoid waiting long hours in the emergency department.

The patient simply answers a medical questionnaire (available in English) that will indicate if someone can be treated remotely or not - completely for free! If the case can be handled by telemedicine or remotely, the patient registers with their service and a doctor will call him / her or perform a video consultation within two hours - although the service can be as quick as 20 minutes!

Doctor filing prescription online

The doctors of all speak English and are able to send patients an electronic prescription. To enhance the number of symptoms treated, the doctors can also propose that patients visit a pharmacy to perform specific tests. There are more than 180 pharmacies in the network.

Follow-up care provided by Soignez-moi

What’s more:

  • For every consultation, a written report by the GP of Soignez-moi will be produced so that it can be transferred to the patient’s official GP (if the patient has one).
  • Soignez-moi will perform a follow-up, usually 48 hours after first contact, to ensure that the patient's condition has improved.
  • Patients can contact their Soignez-moi doctor anytime, who will reply swiftly.
  • All this is available for a flat fee of 75 Swiss francs reimbursed by mandatory health insurance (insurance deductibles still apply, medication and tests are not included in the flat fee, but they will also be reimbursed). is open all year round, seven days a week (irrespective of holidays):

  • Monday to Friday: 8am to 7pm
  • Saturday: 9am to 5pm
  • Sunday: 10am to 4pm has treated more than 20.000 patients and has a high satisfaction rate of over 95 percent. Less than 5 percent of the patients handled by go to a GP after their consultation - and the majority who did went because they had already planned an appointment.

Online consultation

Start your journey to better health with

All Soignez-moi's GPs are Swiss-based and have a wealth of experience in the field. They have also been thoroughly scrutinised and tested which ensures a high satisfaction rate. Finally, the protocols of have been co-developed with the Emergency Department of the University Hospital of Bern to make sure that their all-encompassing medical questionnaires are sound.



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