See if you're eligible for Swiss simplified naturalisation with new online tool

See if you're eligible for Swiss simplified naturalisation with new online tool

Have you ever wondered whether you could finally ditch the residence permit and go all in on a Swiss passport? As of February 1, internationals in Switzerland can use a new online tool to help determine whether they are able to apply for citizenship through simplified naturalisation.

Website launched to check Swiss citizenship eligibility

In a statement, the Federal Council said that the new online portal allows potential applicants “to find out quickly, easily and independently whether they meet the requirements for simplified naturalisation.” Through the application, non-Swiss residents of the alpine nation will be able to self-check whether they can go through the "fast-track" process to become citizens.

The test uses a mixture of questions in order to determine eligibility, including place of residence, marital status, residence permit type, and more. If all the criteria for citizenship are fulfilled, and the person resides in Switzerland, the test will re-direct the applicant to the relevant application form, and show which options are available to apply for citizenship.

Website for simplified naturalisation applications online

Unfortunately, the current website is only able to check whether applicants can apply through simplified naturalisation - the faster form of gaining citizenship, possible if a person is married to a Swiss citizen or born in Switzerland to a third-generation of non-Swiss residents, among other ways.

Sadly the system cannot be used for those going through standard naturalisation, which involves a number of steps, including obtaining a language certification and passing a naturalisation test.

In the statement, the Federal Council said that the system gives applicants easier access to the information needed to become Swiss citizens and that it was the government “taking the first step towards a digitalised naturalisation process.” A pilot phase of the project will be running for one year before authorities decide whether to make the website a permanent feature. 

For more information, check out the official website.

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