From scooters to spatulas: Weirdest items left in Swiss Ubers revealed

From scooters to spatulas: Weirdest items left in Swiss Ubers revealed

While you’d be forgiven for forgetting your coat or bag when leaving a taxi, a new report from Uber has revealed that people’s rush can make them forget all sorts of weird and wonderful things. From spatulas to snowboards, here are some of the most notable things left in the back of Ubers in Switzerland.

Hundreds of items lost in Swiss Ubers every year

It’s a commonly feared occurrence: you are late for a flight at the airport, a party or a train and in your rush to leave your taxi you leave something behind. According to Uber, hundreds of things are left in their vehicles in Switzerland every year.

According to the company, clothes are the most common item left behind, most of which are coats. Jewellery, watches and makeup are the second most lost items, followed by luggage and bags, wallets and purses and umbrellas. 

Weekends the most common time to lose items in taxis

The most common time to forget items is on the weekend, with clothes being the most misplaced item on Saturday, while jewellery and luggage are the most common items to grace the Lost and Found on Sundays. Interestingly, the company found that those in French-speaking Switzerland are the most likely to misplace their items in taxis.

Alongside the standard lost items, Uber noted that their vehicles seem to attract a “wealth of unusual objects” in Switzerland. Here are some of the weirdest items found in Ubers last year:

  • An e-scooter and helmet
  • A purple wig
  • A single Gucci high-heel
  • A mask from Fasnacht
  • A coffee machine
  • A pancake spatula
  • A jaw harp
  • A packet of CBD
  • A poster of Cuba
  • A skateboard

Luckily, if you realise that you are hobbling along sans-stiletto or forgot you took your coffee machine for a taxi ride, Uber confirms that you can reclaim your lost items. Users can use the app - or the Uber website, should the thing they lose be their mobile phone - to message their driver directly.

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