SBB transport police to have bodycams attached to uniforms

SBB transport police to have bodycams attached to uniforms

Portable cameras could be added to the uniforms of SBB transport police officers by the end of June 2024, as a way to increase safety on public transport in Switzerland and de-escalate conflicts.

Wearable cameras aid in conflict de-escalation

Transport officers on Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) have experienced an increasing number of attacks from passengers and seen delicate situations occur more frequently in recent years, 20 Minuten revealed. Officials argued that having small wearable cameras attached to the uniforms of security staff could help de-escalate conflicts on trains and help provide evidence for both prosecutions and complaints. 

According to SonntagsBlick, the plan to use bodycams was announced internally by the SBB commander of transport police and head of security Michael Perler, and will most likely be implemented by the end of June 2024. However, SBB spokesperson, Reto Schärli, has not confirmed a specific date for the use of wearable cameras, but admits that “these bodycams are an element of the SBB security strategy”. 

Bodycams to be equipped by SBB security after years of planning

The idea to use bodycams has been in the works for years, but only recently has there been clarification on questions about data protection and the integration of the new system into the SBB’s IT system. 

The small cameras attached to transport security officers' uniforms were tested in Lausanne and Zurich in 2017. Results were positive and the trial was approved by the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (FDPIC). Police in Canton Bern have already been using bodycams since 2022 and the Zurich police department is currently in the process of equipping their own officers with the technology.

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