Revealed: This is how much people in Switzerland like to tip

Revealed: This is how much people in Switzerland like to tip

A study undertaken by the Zurich University of Applied Sciences and the Worldline payment platform has revealed how much people in Switzerland like to tip. While percentage payments are popular, the study found that most people in Switzerland choose to round their bill up to the nearest five francs. 

Nine out of 10 German-speaking Swiss leave a tip

The study found that almost nine in every 10 people in German-speaking Switzerland leave tips when they visit a restaurant, compared to 82,3 percent in French-speaking Swiss cantons. In Italian-speaking Switzerland, where salaries tend to be lower, just 71,4 percent of restaurant visitors tip. 

Most people choose to round their bill up to the closest five Swiss francs as a tip, but almost every fifth person leaves a tip of 10 percent. For around 16 percent of people, the amount of money they choose to tip simply depends on how much spare cash they have with them at the moment they pay their bill. 

Most Swiss people who leave tips do so to say “thank you”

The reasons why people tip in Switzerland are clear: the most common reason given by survey respondents is that they wished to thank the staff for their good service at the restaurant. Another reason commonly given is that people believe that hospitality staff are often paid lower wages and also to make staff feel happy. A few people also said they tip to meet social norms. 

On the other hand, people also have their own reasons and justifications for not leaving a tip. Some survey respondents said that service fees are often included as part of workers’ wages and many people also have concerns about affording tips given the current high cost of living.

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