Report reveals most dangerous places to drive in Switzerland

Report reveals most dangerous places to drive in Switzerland

A new study by the Swiss Council for Accident Prevention (BFU) has revealed that Canton Ticino remains the most dangerous place to drive in Switzerland. With its large mountains and relative lack of motorways, the southernmost canton topped the list, but accidents in Switzerland have generally been on the decline.

Ticino has the highest number of road accidents in Switzerland

In its annual report, the BFU released its findings on the most dangerous cantons to drive in Switzerland. In 2020, Canton Ticino had 51 serious road accidents (incidents where the emergency services had to be called) per 100.000 people, topping the ranking. Despite Ticino topping the list, every part of Switzerland saw fewer accidents in 2020 than in 2010.

French-speaking Switzerland had 49 serious accidents and German-speaking Switzerland had 45. The BFU said in a statement that regional differences had to be taken into account if Switzerland is to achieve its target of fewer than 100 road deaths a year by 2030.

Each region's road accidents have their own trends

The BFU noted that some regions of the country were characterised by a specific type of road accident, although admit that the lines can blur in some places. In French and German-speaking Switzerland, speed plays a greater part, which they attribute to the people of Ticino being warier of speed cameras. Alcohol also played more of a role in accidents in Italian and French parts of the country.

The report found that, although road safety is improving throughout Switzerland, some major challenges remain. The findings highlight the need for regional strategies in learning to drive and in road signage, to make the roads safer.

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