Record-breaking Swiss capun served at food fair

Record-breaking Swiss capun served at food fair

Chefs in the Swiss canton of Graubünden have cooked a record-breaking 17-metre-long capun during a food festival on October 15. The capun, a local speciality in Graubünden, was sliced into a thousand pieces for guests to enjoy. 

Tractor used to transport huge capun to food fair

The 17 metre-long capun was hauled to the fair by a tractor at dawn before the event on October 15. Reporting from Blick said that the driver had to go on quiet country roads and back streets to get the capun there in one piece. 

The roll weighed 45 kilograms and was sliced into a thousand pieces before being distributed amongst visitors at the event. The capun was made using ingredients sourced from within the canton, making it a true local delicacy. 

Capuns in Canton Graubünden

The capun, a food not well-known outside of Switzerland, is a regional speciality of Canton Graubünden. The dish consists of meat covered with dough, similar to that used to make traditional Swiss Spätzle. The dough is then wrapped with chard and boiled in gravy, before being topped with cheese. 

The record-breaking capun was served up at the Olma trade fair in St Gallen. The Olma fair is Switzerland’s largest trade fair open to the public, taking place in 2022 for the 79th edition.

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