Plans for new price comparison site to help Swiss drivers find cheaper fuel

Plans for new price comparison site to help Swiss drivers find cheaper fuel

The Economic Affairs and Taxation Committee (EATC) of the Swiss government has voted to create a new online calculator to help drivers find cheaper petrol and diesel. Supporters argued that a price comparison website, supported by the state, would increase competition between petrol stations and drive down prices.

Swiss price comparison site proposed to fight against rising fuel prices

On Wednesday, the EATC in Bern voted on a motion designed to “fight against rising fuel prices.” Chief among the ideas was a new digital platform where people in Switzerland can compare prices at fuel stations across the country. According to Le Matin, the committee passed the policy by 16 votes to 7, with only the Swiss People's Party voting against it. 

National Councillor Sophie Michaud Gigon argued that the price at the pump had risen faster and fallen slower than the price of crude oil since the Russian invasion of Ukraine and that fuel stations are yet to pass on possible savings to customers. This follows reports from last week that the Official Price Monitor for Switzerland was looking into whether petrol stations were charging excessive markups for fuel, now that the price of crude oil has reached pre-invasion levels.

Fuel calculator designed to drive down prices for drivers

According to Le Matin, the committee hoped to “bring competition into play” by creating the new online calculator. Supporters cited similar projects in Austria and cities in Germany, which have proven to lower the price of fuel for Austrian and German drivers.

The Austrian system, which the EATC hopes to use in Switzerland, allows users to input their address and find the cheapest prices for petrol and diesel within a set radius. The service covers practically all petrol stations and the prices are updated every 15 minutes.

The committee called on the Federal Council to set up the calculator as soon as possible to help combat rising inflation and the loss of purchasing power for people in Switzerland. Two similar ideas have also been submitted by the Middle Party in parliament, which the Federal Council is due to respond to in the coming weeks.

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