Pandemic babies: Lockdown sparks baby boom in Switzerland

Pandemic babies: Lockdown sparks baby boom in Switzerland

Over the last two years, Switzerland has started a new baby boomer generation, with 2021 seeing the highest number of births recorded since 1972. The latest data from the Federal Statistical Office (FSO) showed there were also more marriages and divorces than the year before.

Second baby boomer generation in Switzerland

The FSO noted that the timings of the births meant that most conceptions were between April and July 2020, at the tail end of the first pandemic restrictions. There was a second large wave of conceptions between November and March 2021, right as COVID certificates and the home office were becoming commonplace.

In 2021, there were 89.400 births recorded in Switzerland, the most pregnancies seen in nearly 50 years. The population of Switzerland has now grown to over 8,7 million citizens and residents, assisted by the 143.000 new expats choosing to make Switzerland their home in 2021.

Pandemic restrictions partly responsible for the high birth rate

The FSO admitted that pandemic era restrictions did have a part to play in the large increase in births. All Swiss cantons barring Nidwalden and Obwalden saw their populations increase.

While many families celebrated the coming of new life into the world, many couples also celebrated tying the knot. In 2021 there were 3 percent more marriages than the year before, mainly because of delays due to pandemic restrictions on weddings.

In addition, the number of divorces also increased by 5,1 percent compared to 2020. If this trend continues, 20 minuten predicted that two out of five marriages in Switzerland will eventually end in divorce.

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