Over 22 million parcels delivered by Swiss Post during the Christmas period

Over 22 million parcels delivered by Swiss Post during the Christmas period

The Swiss postal service has revealed that it handled and delivered 22 million parcels between Black Friday and December 20. While it is an impressive figure, Swiss Post noted that it represents a decline compared with the same period in 2021.

22,3 million parcels delivered by Swiss Post in Christmas period

Between November 24 and December 20, the so-called “yellow giant” delivered 22,3 million parcels to families and individuals in Switzerland, according to data given to Le Matin. The busiest day was found to be December 20 - the last day when parcels could reliably be delivered before Christmas - when 1,2 million parcels were handed out in 24 hours.

The demand was so high in the last few weeks that Swiss Post had to hire 500 extra workers on short-term contracts to cope with processing. The postal service also had to employ 350 more drivers and vehicles to help deliver the Christmas rush.

COVID and supply problems hamper parcel deliveries in Switzerland

However, despite the 22,3 million figure representing a 23 percent increase in deliveries compared to the same period in 2019, the number of parcel deliveries has actually declined by 5,5 percent compared to 2021. In a statement, the postal service blamed “the sluggish consumer climate, global supply difficulties and the decline in online commerce after the lifting of measures to combat the coronavirus.”

Finally, the postal service found that while the number of parcel deliveries continues to rise, letter, newspaper and advertising deliveries are experiencing a significant decline. With only 14 million letters delivered this Christmas period, Swiss Post now expects the number of letters delivered in Switzerland to decline by 3 to 5 percent a year.

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